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Doing Well and Doing Good
Thomas E. Patterson

Based on a study of American journalism, this article points to two major trends in contemporary journalism that are said to be shrinking the news audience and weakening democracy, namely the increased presence of soft news and the rise of critical journalism. Patterson argues that, due to these two trends, the news is more sensational and focused on crime and disasters, and, simultaneously, more depressing and negative due to the “zealous pursuit of scandals and wrong-doing”. The author defends that these two trends have provoked a decline in the public’s interest in public affairs and in the news, a threat to democracy and to journalism.

Key words: Journalism; critical journalism; soft news; hard news; public policies; audiences

Administrators of Illusion: Spectacle, Subjectivity and Ideology in Contemporary Media Culture
João Carlos Correia

Today, more than ever, the individuals responsible for media appear, in the eyes of many critics, as the new mandarins who covet the colonialization of people’s imagination by the industry of dreams. In this article, spectacle is identified as a basic category of media culture that, in contrast to the point of view of many, is not just limited to television. This vocation for spectacle, expressed in sensationalism and the exploration of emotion, is associated with the insistence of media culture in individual projects - a major trait of modern mass communication, as seen in reality shows and the attention to life stories. Is this a trend in the direction of depersonalisation of individuals through the management of their desires or the discovery of new forms of life and the affirmation of individual rights?

Key words: Spectacle; mass communication; media; individualism; critical theory; post-modernism

Images of immigration in Portugal
Isabel Ferin Cunha

The main objective of this article is to identify the images of immigration in Portugal through a study of two daily newspapers in the summer 2000. After a brief summary of the historic context of immigration in Portugal, and the alterations in the Portuguese immigration laws, the article points to the existence of two dominant groups featured in the news coverage of immigration, namely the 2nd and 3rd generation of immigrants from the former Portuguese colonies, the Eastern-European immigrant. The conclusion of the article is that the news coverage in the two newspapers reinforces existing stereotypes that exist in the Portuguese society.

Key words: Immigration; press analysis; 2nd and 3rd generation of immigrants; Eastern European immigrants; discrimination

Spaces of opinion in the Portuguese Quality Press 1980-1999
Rita Figueiras

In this article, the spaces of opinion are analysed in the Portuguese quality press over the last two decades of the 20th Century, 1980-1999. By examining the structure of these spaces, the question that is posed is who represents public opinion? the permanent columnists? the readers through their letters to the Editor? anonymous citizens via their responses to public opinion polls? Over the 20 year period, how has the space of opinion evolved? Do the main tendencies point to an increased democratisation of this space?

Perceived Quality of Four Brazilian on-line Newspapers
Jorge Pedro Sousa

This work proposes and uses an instrument for research of hypermedia systems and on-line newspapers in the World Wide Web to evaluate the perceived quality of four Brazilian on-line newspapers. These newspapers were evaluated by two groups of students, one Brazilian, the other Portuguese. The author did not find significant differences between the evaluation of content, design, and interactivity made by the two groups.


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Imagens da Imigração em Portugal - Isabel Férin da Cunha
O Espaço Opinião na imprensa de referência portuguesa: 1980-1999 - Rita Figueiras
Qualidade percebida de quatro jornais on-line brasileiros - Jorge Pedro Sousa

Entrevista a Dominique Wolton - José Carlos Abrantes

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